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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mini cade

Mini Arcade


Started to wire the new panel, and worked fine with just one joystick and a fire button, 

but when I add extra function to my keyboard interface I get some cross talk in the matrix. Guess I'll need to add some diodes or maybe change the interface all together.

Well here is a video
Guess I need to start putting these projects into their own pages.

The skeleton of it
 Been working on a new toy got a lot to do, new controls and reposition the monitor.

Different angle.

With a little more skin on it.

Up grades to the controls joysticks for 2 players.

Monday, May 27, 2013



Nothing special here just a small frigdge with a little modification

had to do a little cutting on the inside of the door to make room for the keg

A piece of 3 inch copper pipe makes up my tower and mounted with a pipe flange. Drilled a hole in the top and there you go!

I hope to dress up the tower steam punk style, all that copper is just asking for it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Webby's Laboratory: Recycling Laptop batteries

Webby's Laboratory: Recycling Laptop batteries: What to do with those old Li-ion cells out of a old laptop battery?? Maybe a flash light! Schedule 80 3/4 PVC is the perfe...

Recycling Laptop batteries

What to do with those old Li-ion cells out of a old laptop battery??

Maybe a flash light!

Schedule 80 3/4 PVC is the perfect size for these cells.


It's pretty simple construction, I used a hole saw to cut a proto board in to a nice circle and soldered on some super bright LED's.

Put a loop of wire on the bottom for the positive contact,

which you really can't see that well in these pics. Drilled through the cap and put a spring in it to make the negative connection. 

It's just help together with the interference fit on the PVC. It's my favourite so far, probably because of the size.


I did a little more on the actual mounting of the LED's and the connection to the batteries.

Drilled holes in a washer and bolted the whole thing together.

Just Regular white LED's I did not have any super bright ones.

So I left this one on for 3 days!!! Still was working even though it was quite a bit dimmer, but let's not forget these are USED batteries that no longer worked in the laptop. Plus these are low power LED's so I know I won't see the same performance out of the other prototypes.

A notch in the top for the bolt in the head.


The Illuminator
900 LM LED's This thing is BRIGHT!

This one has a switch in it.
A grove for the negative wire

 The Spring set up

One Bright Mofo

I need to work out a better switch, but this is what I had on hand. 

more to come


Friday, October 21, 2011

Proof of Concept MORE NIXIE TUBES!!!

Well small steps, Running a counter with the BCD chip. Sweet, next step to count with all 4 tubes, my programming skills will be seriously be tested.

Here is the video.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Nixie Fun!!

Mounting tubes to a prototype board.

Mounting a RGB LED under each tube, that will be for effect lighting, more on that later.

I had to drill holes in the bases of the tube so the LED has a place to sit.
Oh man, all these wires its an octopus or a thirteenopus??
Well I'm beat tonight only got two in.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


USSR era vacuum display tubes + 180 volt DC home made power supply = the beginning of a really cool clock. The time circuit will be easy DS1307 RTC has occupied all my other clocks. The big issue is an array driver that can handle 180V.

Here is a few pics of the power supply

But here is a video of the real test

I'll have more posts on this as I move forward. Next step  hooking it to a PIC and counting up and down....