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 So I work at the local newspaper;back in the day everything was handled on site. Machining, electrical, plumbing and HVAC had someone there to fix it. I know this is 'old school' thinking, but it was the way production worked; if your going to put out a time sensitive product 7 days a week you had to do this.
    My dad worked at the paper from 1972 to 2001, at first as a electrician and   eventually IT. See it started with mainframes, who was going to fix these new fangled machines? Well their electric so electricians right? Some where around the mid 80's the electric shop split into 2 entity Electric and ESG 'Electronic Support Group' This group fixed all electronics in the building. Time progresses and everything shrank and became cheap, if it breaks through it out and get a new one.
    Fast forward and the newspaper is dieing ESG was replaced with IT and the days and people that fixed stuff are long gone and I was able to acquire a lot of 'useless' stuff.

    Which kinda started me on the whole Z80 trip, I found several chips and wanted to build a home brew computer with it. I ended up on the Superfo Harlequin ZX Spectrum.

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