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Friday, November 28, 2014

Learning a new way to solder

(adventures in reflow)

 OK so an acquisition from Craigslist, on my way home and 20 bucks, never been used. Seems kind of F'd up to do what i'm going to do to it. Oh Well!

Took like 12 screws to get here.
 Yanked out the analog temp control and timer, will definitely keep for a later project, the timer has a bell!!
Wall wart innards and my micro controller.                                        
My new desk setup, much more room
 So here is he panel view not much just status and go, parameters are hard coded, and I didn't leave a header to reload code. So I have to tear into it to hook in to the controller. I do have a second button for different params. but I don't have that code working.
Yea,not to fancy.


That is not a bug it is a chip!
 The burnt one is lead solder, using a non-lead  reflow curve, much higher temps, not to good.
This one worked pretty good, little too much on one leg still didn't short though! So i got that going for me.

Used Arduino PID Library with the MAX31855 for the thermocouple set up, a SSR to control line voltage.  Rocketscream  did all the heavy lifting, I just followed suit. 

Well I've run out of breakout boards so I'll have to decide on what's next.

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